Mindfulness is a great tool for becoming more aware of what your body and mind need. Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg

Mindfulness is a great TOOL for becoming more aware of what your body and mind NEED. Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Maybe you’ve heard of “mindfulness” already, but we often think we are too busy to spend time with those "spiritual" things. But the opposite is true!

Sollte ich Vegetarier werden?

Sollte ich Vegetarier werden?

Die Diskussion über die „richtige“ Ernährung ist hochgradig emotional, denn sie ist tief mit unseren Werten verbunden. Das ist vollkommen in Ordnung, macht es aber manchmal schwer, sich dem Thema anzunähern. Wenn du kein Vegetarier bist, ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass du das Thema „Ernährung“ mit einem Vegetarier überhaupt nicht erst diskutieren möchtest. Du würdest … Continue reading Sollte ich Vegetarier werden?

Mind, Body, Health! How Mindfulness will make you happier and healthier.

Simple tips on mindful health you can incorporate today.

Mindfulness nurtures a relationship to our body that welcomes healing of the whole self. Here are 4 simple tips on mindful health you can incorporate today.

5 simple steps to lose weight.

Losing Weight does not mean you can't have Pizza anymore.

Long lasting Weight loss can be very simple – said no one ever. But this misconception is based on our understanding that we have to turn our lifestyle upside down and to starve ourselves in order to reach our weight loss goal.

Why mindfulness can help you to finally lose weight.

Mindfulness helps you to lose weight without dieting and starvation!

Our search for solutions to lose weight is mostly focused on small details: We are tracking single nutrients but forget the greater picture: Nutrition is and always was part of our society, culture and psychology. Mindfulness can be a great tool to lose weight successfully, while taking care of the frame conditions of our busy lives as well as considering the deeper meaning of eating in our society.