Weight Loss Coaching

If you are struggling with your weight you might consider coaching. Weight loss coaching will help you to identify reasons of your weight gain – which are often not even obvious – and will help you to create simple solutions which will work for you without starvation and a rigid nutrition regime.

How Weight Loss Coaching helps you to lose these stubborn pounds effortlessly.

Weight Loss Coaching sometimes turns out different than expected. It's not about recommending to eat more salad, but to identify motivations and habits for overeating!

Das Geheimnis hinter unseren Gewohnheiten – 3 Dinge, die wir von erfolgreichen Athleten lernen können.

Sportler sind Meister positiver Gewohnheiten, aber auch sie haben einmal klein angefangen.

Why Metabolic Testing is the missing piece in your health and fitness journey.

Smart people try to avoid training overload and they will - sooner or later - stumble upon calculations and rules of thumb regarding the maximum heart rate and calculation of their “individual” training zones. Let’s just stay real: it’s better to...

Mental Training

You can book my services via City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in Singapore in German or English Language. You even can benefit from a free 20 min Walk-In "Meet the Doctor" session with me at Guthrie House (Bukit Timah). If you have further questions, just drop me a message at drmagdalena@cityosteophysio.com or request an appointment. More … Continue reading Mental Training

Anti-Stress Coaching

Anti-Stress Coaching is a great tool to learn identifying the reasons and habits which stress you out the most. Small changes in your daily routine, tiny habits and strategies can make a big difference on your health and wellbeing.

Warum Achtsamkeit Euch hilft, endlich abzunehmen!

Ich kenne nur wenige Menschen, die nicht immer wieder mit ihrem Gewicht "kämpfen". Sie sind diese beneidenswerten Gazellen, die sich jedoch manchmal sogar wünschen, ein bisschen mehr auf den "Rippen" zu haben. Die meisten anderen Menschen probieren verschiedene Diäten, Fasten, Wundersuppen, fade Salate oder den neuesten Fettblocker aus den Laboren der Fitnessindustrie, um endlich abzunehmen. Ich kenne jedoch tatsächlich niemanden, der mit einer dieser genanten Methoden dauerhaft einen Ausweg aus diesem persönlichen Dilemma gefunden hätte.