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Motor Skill Testing for Football Kids

Childhood is the most important time to develop a wide range of motor skills. They are the base for all kinds of sport to learn later in life and they support the brain development as well. Today we tested the Motor Skills of about 20 Kids – aged around 8 years – at St. Michaels’s […]

Muhamad Ridhwan “The Chosen Wan” at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

To prepare for IBO Intercontinental Boxing fight in Super Featherweight, Muhamad Ridhwan, “The Chosen Wan” is aware that a great performance is a result when all the small pieces like training, conditioning, nutrition, sleep, recovery and treatments are in perfect harmony.

Sport Science in Action

The application of Sport Science is benficial for every kind of sport. It helps to support the perception of the coach and the development of an athlete with precise data. That’s a modern way to plan future training and to balance weaknesses in order to create a performance that is well balanced. Today we had […]

Brain and Perception Training for Kids

Young kids can benefit greatly from new challenges regarding perception, movement and play. Especially during early childhood development kids need new fun impressions in daily life and play, not just on a smart phone device.

First Kara-T-Robics Workout in Singapore

We are still thrilled after our first ever Kara-T-Robics Workout at Singapore in June. Despite the early morning nearly 50 participants made this event unforgettable with their energy and spirit. The location at One Fullerton Rooftop was extraordinary and made it sometimes a bit difficult to focus on the class, because the view is breathtaking! […]

Spendenaufruf: Hochwasser in Sri Lanka

Die tragischen Nachrichten aus Sri Lanka reißen nicht ab. Nach unserem Hilfeaufruf für Aslam, hat nun ein verheerendes Hochwasser viele Tote in Sri Lanka gefordert. Starke Regenfälle haben zu Erdrutschen und den größten großen Überschwemmungen seit 14 Jahren geführt (1). Laut Tagesschau (1) haben momentan etwa 150 Menschen ihr Leben verloren, mehr als 100 Menschen […]

Application of Sport Science at ITE College West

A big thank you goes to Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West in Singapore today for inviting us for a talk and discussion with their Sport Management students.ITE CW lecturer Mr. Mohidin Shaniz prepared the best conditions we can imagine to talk about Application of Sports Science with the young students. We – Dirk […]

Event: Because we love Sport

Sport is a big part of our lives, bringing people together, working out, having fun and enjoying great time together is more than satisfying. Creating an event for this purpose was our first idea and this event is coming up on June 3rd on One Fullerton Rooftop at Singapore at 7:30 am. The Kara-T-Robics Master […]

VX Sports supports Team Sport

Had a good session with Jamie Tout from VX Sport in New Zealand at International Sport Academy in Singapore.

Invitation from International Sports Academy

Today we had a great session at International Sports Academy (ISA) in Singapore with their students to talk about application of sports science in Singapore and Germany. It was a great pleasure to share our experiences about Performance Testing, Tracking, GPS, Mental Training and Ergospirometry with you! Thank you ISA for inviting us!