How your concept of time influences your success as an athlete.

Everybody has a certain way to think about time. We prioritize experiences and events in the past, present or future. Our “concept of time” influences the way on how we act and even how successful we are in certain parts of our lives, for instance developing further as a professional athlete.

7 Tipps, um Prüfungs- und Wettkampfangst zu vermeiden.

Kürzlich hatte ich eine Diskussion mit Studenten und eine der am häufigsten gestellten Fragen war, ob es möglich ist, Prüfungsangst, Lampenfieber und möglicherweise auch Blackout zu vermeiden.

Some Habits are easier to change

To change cut in habits can be a bit tricky and requires some patience and perseverance. Scientific research is showing though, that some habits are easier to change than others. To be more successful on the long run you should first choose to change a behavior which requires less energy and willpower.