How to stick to healthy habits?

There are people who eat healthily, train regularly for years, seem to be rested and are obviously in good shape. Often we envy these people. Their lifestyle seems to be so effortless. We struggle already when trying to get out of bed in the morning or drinking enough water.

What is the secret to how these people stick to their habits?

If the goal is important to you, you are willing to invest time and effort.

The secret is that their goal is important to them. That’s why they invest time and effort in their health, relationship or career. The goal is part of their life-vision, part of how they see themselves and part of their values.

Knowing this secret is great, but it still leaves the question – how do you transfer it to your daily life?

Here are some easy hacks:

Find your personal goal and create habits to achieve it. A persistent small effort, every day, will have a big impact over time.

If it’s important for you to be fit and healthy, some habits are probably helping you to get there. Working out, making great food choices or quitting smoking could be habits of your choice. But if you don’t care about being healthy, you will have difficulties sticking to just one of these habits.

Sometimes it can be helpful to formulate your goal even more in detail. If you want to be a good role model for your kids, run a marathon or just feel great, this will motivate you to because you have a clear vision. Choose whatever feels right and is important to you.

If you write down your vision you can use it like a compass, when the sea is rough.This goal or vision can always help you to find your way back on track if you are struggling with decisions or you are tempted by an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you write down your vision, you can use it like a compass when the sea is rough. It’s a great tool to weigh options when you are not sure how to decide.

For instance: You love chocolate but you want that fit, healthy and lean looking body. This priority acts as a filter for your decisions because when you have chocolate every day, you won’t reach your goal. Although having some chocolate occasionally, is still an option.

What is your most important personal goal and which habits did you identify to bring you closer every day, step by step?

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