Less sugar is the recipe for success (Tiny habits – Part 3)

We all love sugar; we are born with a strong preference for sweets. But sweet drinks and food spoil our weight loss journey due to different reasons.

Earning Millions with Weight Loss.

The permanent presence of food these days leads to the immense meaning of "weight loss" in media platforms, daily talks, advertisements and sale. The advertised products promise easy and fast solutions to lose unwanted weight.

Some Habits are easier to change

To change cut in habits can be a bit tricky and requires some patience and perseverance. Scientific research is showing though, that some habits are easier to change than others. To be more successful on the long run you should first choose to change a behavior which requires less energy and willpower.

About Me

Here it is! I am delighted to welcome you to my website. My goal is to help athletes and people alike learn about their strengths and use them to achieve their full potential. I am able to do this by combining my knowledge and experience of Psychology & Sports Training. This can be applied to an athlete who … Continue reading About Me

Are we at the mercy of our habits?

While our habits sometimes perpetuate unwanted behavior (e.g. procrastination); they can on the other hand support a healthy and successful lifestyle without the need to push our will power to the limit. Habits have the purpose to save our energy. This mechanism can be beneficial and helpful for our health and success in our lives, … Continue reading Are we at the mercy of our habits?

Habits set your course for success.

Our daily lives are interfused with individual habits. These habits influence the levels of success which we achieve in the long run, while at work, playing sports, or following a weight-loss plan. It sounds somehow over exaggerated, but take a closer look at the topic the connection becomes obvious. Nearly 40 to 50% [1] of … Continue reading Habits set your course for success.

Warum Ernährungstipps oft so verwirrend sind.

Nach dem Lesen von 10 verschiedenen Frauenzeitschriften ist die Verwirrung vollkommen, falls man sich hilfreiche Strategien für die eigene Ernährung erhofft hatte. Jede Zeitschrift proklamiert ihre Tipps als die einzig richtige Strategie für die perfekte Ernährung: Vermeide Fette. Iss keine Kohlenhydrate. Iss alle 3 Stunden. Iss nur alle 5 Stunden. Iss nicht mehr nach 18 … Continue reading Warum Ernährungstipps oft so verwirrend sind.