Less sugar is the recipe for success (Tiny habits – Part 3)

Getting in shape doesn’t require starving and deprivation. These rather lead to overeating and a yoyo-effect. Small tiny baby steps, done persistently until they become a habit, are the secrets of change (btw in any area of your life!).

Two previous blog posts introduced the concept of “tiny habits” and were starting with a mindfulness exercise [3 Incredible Strategies to finally lose Weight successfully (Part 1)] followed by some added colour on your plate [Tiny habits to get back in shape (Part 2)].

Today it’s your turn to increase the quality of your hydration.

The type of hydration makes the difference

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For nearly all processes in our body water is required: digestion, blood flow, cooling, nutrient transport and many more. Proper hydration acts like high quality oil in a gearbox, everything can work smoothly. And sometimes we even might mistake thirst for hunger and eat something instead of drinking.

These days, too many of our drinks contain a lot of sugar, often about 70 to 90 grams per litre. This is the equivalent to 20 teaspoons (see pic below)!

Sugar provides a massive amount of low quality calories without any nutrients and these are stored as fat if we don’t use them (and often we don’t because of the seated lifestyle and office work). Besides that, it increases the risk of diabetes and doesn’t provide any satiety.

Reducing Sugar helps to lose weight successfully
20 spoons of sugar in 1 litre of soft-drink

Drinking calories doesn’t count for the perceived grade of fullness, for our calorie balance it counts nevertheless. For example: If you have 0,5 litre of soft drink every day, this alone can cause a weight gain of more than 7 kg in one year! That’s shocking! 

I don’t want you to cut sugar from your nutrition completely, that’s not necessary. I just want to make a simple deal with you for now: For every glass of sweet drink, you drink the same amount of water from now on. This means one glass of coke or likewise is accompanied by one glass of water, hot or cold, sparkling or still doesn’t matter. Drink both at the same occasion e.g. for lunch, in between, dinner, during watching TV etc.

Increasing the amount of water, you drink will supply your body and each cell with the essential liquid. It will improve your wellbeing, health and beauty. The long-term goal is to reduce the amount of sugary drinks, step by step without the feeling of deprivation, just naturally as a habit.

Enjoy your piece of cake mindfully.
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We all love sugar; we are born with a strong preference for sweets. But it is better for your health and weight to reduce processed sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, palm sugar etc.) as much as possible, step by step. One simple strategy is to replace sweet drinks and mindlessly consumed sweets (e.g. while driving, while watching TV) with things you really enjoy at a moment where you have the time to focus on the taste and smell of your favourite sweet food. I love the concept of cutting down on sweets (drinks & foods) during the week while planning a delicious piece of chocolate cake or ice cream over the weekend. Of course, you can replace the example with your favourite food. Replacing sweet drinks step by step with water is an essential support for your weight loss journey.

Enjoy the process of thinking what you want most to indulge, plan the occasion and celebrate the delicious taste of your favourite food.

What is your favourite piece of sweets that you want to enjoy over the weekend?


Here you find part 1 and part 2 of the “tiny habits” series to help you lose weight:


10 Gedanken zu „Less sugar is the recipe for success (Tiny habits – Part 3)

  1. Whilst I agree less sugar has overall benefits I would not say it will automatically relate to weight loss unless you are reducing calories in total. If you eat less sugar but increase protein and fat and put yourself in a calorie surplus your weight will go up.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You are right! But for most people doing the tiny change of reducing sugar will result in less calorie intake. But of course, if you add lots of the other nutrients, you won’t be successful. ☺️

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