Should I go vegetarian?

The discussion about the “right“ way to eat is very emotional because it’s deeply connected to people’s values. That’s perfectly fine but it makes the topic of personal diet sometimes a bit difficult to approach. If you are not a vegetarian, chances are, you don’t even want to talk about nutrition with people who are. … Should I go vegetarian? weiterlesen

Less sugar is the recipe for success (Tiny habits – Part 3)

We all love sugar; we are born with a strong preference for sweets. But sweet drinks and food spoil our weight loss journey due to different reasons.

Tiny habits to get back in shape (Part 2)

Are you fed up with dieting and tired of experiencing uncontrollable weight gain after you just tried to get back into shape? Rigorous and restrictive programmes are not the answer to your needs because they can fail you over and over again. But I have good news for you!

3 völlig andere Strategien, um endlich abzunehmen (Teil 1)

Watermelon & Blueberries

Das Essverhalten gesünder zu gestalten, kann ganz einfach sein. Bedingung dafür ist es jedoch, sich von dem Irrglauben zu verabschieden, dass es möglich ist, jahrelanges Überessen mit Hungern in wenigen Tagen kompensieren zu können. Ich weiß, dass es schwer ist, geduldig zu sein und auf Ergebnisse zu warten, aber ich weiß auch, dass die gewünschten Erfolge bei einer Radikalkur ausbleiben. Warum suchen wir nicht einen einfachen und dennoch erfolgversprechenden Weg?

3 Incredible Strategies to finally lose Weight successfully (Part 1)

Most people are aware that their nutrition leaves room for improvement. Often - but usually for short periods of time - they are extremely motivated to eat healthier. Sometimes it’s because they want to lose weight, sometimes it’s because they feel not well and sometimes it’s because the doctor told them to do so. What usually happens next is a strict diet plan based on water and salad.