5 Good Reasons to start practicing Yoga

Yoga is something for lean and flexible people who are able to bring their feet easily behind their head! Did I catch you out with this misconception?

5 gute Gründe, warum Du Yoga machen solltest.

Yoga? Da sitzt man doch im Kreis, singt „Omm“ und muss mit Leichtigkeit in der Lage sein, die Füße hinter den Kopf zu bringen! Ertappt? Glaubst du diese gängigen Vorurteile über Yoga?

Muhamad Ridhwan “The Chosen Wan” at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

To prepare for IBO Intercontinental Boxing fight in Super Featherweight, Muhamad Ridhwan, "The Chosen Wan" is aware that a great performance is a result when all the small pieces like training, conditioning, nutrition, sleep, recovery and treatments are in perfect harmony.

How to Successfully Achieve Your Training Goals

The key to achieving your Fitness Training goals is simple; choose activities that are Fit-for-Purpose. Of course there is more to it than just that but essentially it really is that simple. Playing golf once a week or some occasional walking won’t get you ready for a marathon or help you lose weight but they … Continue reading How to Successfully Achieve Your Training Goals