How to become a faster runner?

How to become a faster runner?

If you are a runner, chances are that you want to run faster, easier and more effortless. Even after years of running we sometimes don't experience the desired improvements. The following article will help you gain some insights on how to train to achieve your goal!

Simple Mobility Flow to make you a better runner.

Even enthusiastic runners often don’t reach their full potential because they underestimate the benefits of additional training: increased performance, reduction of pain, prevention of injury and faster recovery. But I can promise, the small investment of time will be worth it!

Why Sleep is more Important than Nutrition & Training combined.

Why Sleep is more important than Nutrition & Training combined.

You would have realized the importance of sleep, if you've ever had a bad night's rest. You may feel unfocused, weak, in a bad mood and with huge cravings for sugar and salty snacks. But, still we underestimate the tremendous effects of sleep & disregard the 100's of processes in our physiology that require that restorative 'shut-eye'.

Warum SCHLAF wichtiger ist als Training & Ernährung zusammen!


Die Bedeutung von gutem Schlaf haben wir alle schon gespürt, wenn wir uns nach einer schlechten Nacht schwach, genervt, unkonzentriert und schlecht gelaunt fühlten und unbändigen Hunger auf süße und salzige Snacks hatten. Dennoch unterschätzen wir die unglaublichen Effekte eines guten Schlafs für hunderte Prozesse in unserem Körper immer wieder.

5 Good Reasons to start practicing Yoga

Yoga is something for lean and flexible people who are able to bring their feet easily behind their head! Did I catch you out with this misconception?

5 gute Gründe, warum Du Yoga machen solltest.

5 Gründe, warum Du Yoga machen solltest. Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg

Yoga? Da sitzt man doch im Kreis, singt „Omm“ und muss mit Leichtigkeit in der Lage sein, die Füße hinter den Kopf zu bringen! Ertappt? Glaubst du diese gängigen Vorurteile über Yoga?

Muhamad Ridhwan “The Chosen Wan” at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

To prepare for IBO Intercontinental Boxing fight in Super Featherweight, Muhamad Ridhwan, "The Chosen Wan" is aware that a great performance is a result when all the small pieces like training, conditioning, nutrition, sleep, recovery and treatments are in perfect harmony.

How to Successfully Achieve Your Training Goals

The key to achieving your Fitness Training goals is simple; choose activities that are Fit-for-Purpose.