How to Successfully Achieve Your Training Goals

The key to achieving your Fitness Training goals is simple; choose activities that are Fit-for-Purpose.

Reach your training goals

Of course, there is more to it than just that but essentially it really is that simple. Playing golf once a week or some occasional walking won’t get you ready for a marathon or help you lose weight but they are great as social activities or to help de-stress after work. Conversely, you won’t de-stress with a hard marathon training schedule. A carefully planned training schedule with clear performance targets and well-defined activities is essential to reach specific goals.

Activity & Intensity

A common problem many people have with fitness training is simply choosing the wrong activities and intensity. I see this all too often and the results usually lead to frustration, loss of motivation and eventually giving up entirely.

Choose a training that is fit for purpose.

Part of my goal as a coach and consultant is to educate my clients both Individuals & Professionals so they make the right choices to help achieve their goals. This process usually begins by explaining the differences between, what are essentially three basic modes of activity; Active Recovery, Practice & Training. The table below is a brief summary of these modes.

Active Recovery, Practice & Training

Please note: Nearly every kind of physical activity can be performed as either an active recovery, practice or training. You can also switch from one mode to another. Maybe you have only been jogging infrequently up to now but have decided to join a running competition in a few months’ time.  Consequently, you should focus your training with a schedule and increase the intensity.

Active Recovery Practice Training_Tabelle_jpg

One look at this simple comparison table immediately shows the levels of achievement you can sensibly expect from each mode of activity. From that, it is clear what type of activity you would need to achieve your individual goals.

My aim is to help my clients develop their own individually tailored fitness training plans whatever their goals.

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