What is more important for Weight Loss: Training or Nutrition?

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If you make the effort to lose weight, it’s smart to choose the most effective way. Nobody wants to invest incredible amounts of effort for just a mediocre effect.

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Losing weight for most people means to start a starvation program. 🤭 That’s unfortunately not helpful at all because it can lead to binge eating and weight gain. But cutting down the calorie intake in a moderate manner is part of the success nevertheless.

Reducing treats🍦in between meals, sugary drinks 🥤 and alcohol 🍻 is already a great start for most of us. If you have the tendency to eat when you are stressed, tired or angry, weight loss coaching can be a helpful tool to develop individual strategies and to find a way out of the vicious circle of emotional eating and feeling guilty. Just let me know, I’m happy to help you!

Training is often not even considered to be a serious part of weight loss, but actually it helps in different ways to reach your weight loss goal:

🔥 While you are training you burn calories to cover the energy needs of your body (applies to all kinds of training).

After training the metabolism is still increased for some time do all upgrading and reparation works. The „after burn“ effect is bigger when the training was more intense.

🏋🏽‍♀️ Only weight training (but not cardio) can provide another great benefit: By strengthening your muscles and increasing your muscle mass you burn more calories even at rest. There is no shortcut, at first you have to work your muscles in order to enjoy the benefits later.

Finally we have two sides of the equation:

1️⃣ energy intake (food & drinks) and

2️⃣ energy consumption (activity & training).

Both influence your weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance, when they are in balance or one side has more emphasis.

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Considering only one side to support our weight loss goal leads to sub-optimal results because you can easily outweigh a good workout with a meal or even just some high-calorie snacks. We often think that we just earned a carte blanche to eat because we just worked out. On the other hand saving calories in our nutrition might lead to a less active metabolism. Training helps to keep the fire of your metabolism burning.

If you want to be successful in losing unwanted pounds, you should always stick to training (endurance & weights) as well as deleting some of the crap in your nutrition.

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