Why Nutrition Is So Confusing

Read a selection of any women’s magazines and you’ll find a dizzying array of nutrition advice, all claiming that theirs is the only way to perfect nutrition.

  • Don’t eat fat
  • Don’t eat carbs
  • Eat every 3 hours
  • Eat every 5 hours
  • Don’t eat after 6 pm
  • Skip dinner
  • Replace meals by shakes
  • Eat meat and vegetables only
  • Don’t eat fruits

Confusing Nutritional Advice

This advice is often contradictory and leaves the poor reader in a state of confusion about how best to improve their nutrition.
Trying to follow any of this advice is extremely difficult. Especially as it’s almost impossible to discriminate between what is sound scientific research or the latest ad campaign to sell the latest magazine edition.

In any such discussion, with so much conflicting advice, I feel that a sense of perspective is all too easily and quickly lost. It’s often the case that people Pick & Mix the advice and end up fasting or cutting out specific foods before fully understanding their basic nutrition needs. What good does it do to cut out fruits because of their sugar content if you continue eating sweets & cake with an extremely high processed sugar content? Examples such as these highlight the lack of basic nutrition understanding and the growing need for clear practical advice.

Keep Nutrition Simple

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple. I like to provide practical & simple nutrition advice that my clients are able to easily incorporate into their daily lives. I find that clearly explaining the background and basis of this advice allows my clients to more fully understand basic nutrition. This understanding is the key to improving their nutrition one step at a time and to make these changes permanent.


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