5 Reasons Mental Training can help to unlock your Potential.

Sports Psychology and more specifically Mental Training are not well known areas of sports science. Many consider them to be luxury services for highly paid professional athletes.

There is no mystery or magic involved in Mental Training it’s simply the development of strategies to improve performance, increase focus or reduce stress & anxiety in the sporting arena.

Mental Training is definitely not the preserve of the elite; it can be successfully used to help many athletes. Anyone who has ever suffered with exam nerves or stage fright will know that even the most basic of mental training techniques would have been an enormous help in these situations.

To illustrate my point with a simple example, most people would have no difficultly at all walking along a 15 cm wide line painted on the ground. However, move this line 3 meters into the air as a 15 cm wide beam and the situation changes dramatically. The consequence of falling 3 meters is now a major distraction and makes walking the same line extremely difficult. Your mind is now clearly affecting your focus and in turn your ability to maintain your balance.

The right mental attitude can be the difference between a good or bad performance!

Mental Training can help you to:

  1. Learn about your strengths and believe in them.
  2. Deal with mistakes and not let them reduce your performance.
  3. Focus on your task without distractions.
  4. Calm yourself down or psych yourself up before a challenging task.
  5. Develop routines that help you be ready.

Never underestimate the power of your mind. This might be the additional factor to focus on if you want to reach your full potential in your job or your sports.

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