5 Fragen zum Thema “Essen”.

5 Fragen, die wir uns zum Thema "Essen" stellen sollten.

Uns bewusster zu werden, was unsere Entscheidungen beeinflusst was, wann und wie wir essen ist schon ein riesiger Fortschritt, um mehr auf die Signale unseres Körpers zu hören.

Food: 5 Questions we should ask.

Do you enjoy your food?

Food is supposed to nourish our body and mind. Besides that, it provides great pleasure and is an important part of our social life. This sounds so easy. But why do we struggle so much with the basics of feeding our body and mind?

Should I go vegetarian?

The discussion about the “right“ way to eat is very emotional because it’s deeply connected to people’s values. That’s perfectly fine but it makes the topic of personal diet sometimes a bit difficult to approach. If you are not a vegetarian, chances are, you don’t even want to talk about nutrition with people who are. … Continue reading Should I go vegetarian?