Earning Millions with Weight Loss.

The permanent presence of food these days leads to the immense meaning of “weight loss” in media platforms, daily talks, advertisements and sale. The advertised products promise easy and fast solutions to lose unwanted weight.

It‘s profitable to sell products and diets to people who are chronically unhappy with their weight: slim-belts, detox-tea, draining pills and diet-foods. The weight loss business is flourishing because it sounds great to get rid of stubborn fat without changing one’s lifestyle.

But there is no easy solution where you just add a pill, powder or device to your daily routine to lose weight. Our body can’t be cheated like this, the system is far too complex. Besides, most of these “miracle methods” and devices just aim to lose body water. That’s visible on the scale as “weight loss”, but it’s not the same like the desired “fat loss”.

Without considering the causes of weight gain which includes sedentary lifestyle, consuming amounts of energy to fit the needs of a physically hard working person (while sitting mostly in school or office) and poor food quality, there will never be a long term change.

The lifestyle mentioned meets our genetic predisposition: saving calories to survive future starvation. But one has to remember that there is no starvation in 2017 if you are living in any developed country. Our body diligently stores fat to survive periods of hunger (and it’s really good in that) but there is never a chance to use this storage. As a consequence, we are accumulating two or three extra pounds each year and our clothes sizes grow accordingly.

Solutions must include – if it’s not your wish to throw your money out of the window – the interdependences between activity, nutrition and long term changes of lifestyle.

I want to encourage you to stay skeptical if offers or promotions promise to solve all your “weight problems” at once if you just buy a costly gadget or product. Chances are big that millions are earned in the business of weight loss, but unfortunately not by you!

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