5 simple steps to lose weight.

Losing Weight does not mean you can't have Pizza anymore.

Long lasting Weight loss can be very simple – said no one ever. This misconception is based on our understanding that we have to turn our lifestyle upside down and to starve ourselves in order to reach our weight loss goal.

But these strategies have the major disadvantages to promote only short-term weight loss, binge eating and subsequent weight gain afterwards. That’s creating a vicious circle of weight loss and unwanted weight gain, often we gain even more pounds than we initially lost. This is not only causing huge stress for our body but leads to unhappiness and frustration as well.

If we are able to accept that small steps lead to greater success than extreme dietary changes, then its possible to reach our weight loss goals! The key to success is to be able to stick to the chosen strategies continuously and not only for a limited amount of time.

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The following 5 steps are a great start to weight-loss. If you need some assistance to figure out the most promising strategies for your individual lifestyle, weight loss coaching would be a great option for you.

  1. Start with small changes which are easy to follow without the feeling of deprivation, for instance use only 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar for your coffee instead of 2.
  2. Don’t starve yourself: Starvation never results in the desired weight loss because your brain starts an emergency programme to save your life. It is not able to differentiate between a serious life-threatening starvation and your attempt to lose weight.
  3. Eat slowly and savour your food: One main reason for overeating is that we are eating too fast without realizing if we even like what we eat. Eating slowly helps to realize early enough when you are not hungry anymore. This simple strategy can save you many excess calories.
  4. Observe your satiety: When we finish our meal only when the plate is empty, or we eat until feel sick from overeating does not only decrease the pleasure of having a delicious meal, it often results in weight gain due to the consumption of excess calories. If you eat slowly you will realize on time when you had enough.
  5. Skip your sugary drinks: Massive amounts of sugar in many drinks add too many calories without even noticing. Drinking water instead of coke or ice tea can make a big difference. For example: Replacing 0.5l of ice tea each day by water saves about 67.000 calories each year, which is the equivalent to 9,5 kg of body fat.

I love to hear your favourite strategies for long term weight loss which have worked for you. Please share your ideas with us, this will help to inspire others to reach their goal as well.

Use the opportunity to book a FREE 20-min consultation with me to figure out how weight loss coaching can help you!

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