Freiheit in der Reaktion – wir haben eine Wahl.


PROVOZIERTE REAKTIONEN - Haben wir eine Wahl? Wir kenne sie alle, diese Menschen oder Situationen, die uns innerhalb von Sekunden zu einer Reaktion provozieren können, die gar nicht zu uns passt. Was passiert in diesen Situationen wirklich?

Happiness depends

Happiness doen't depend on who you are or what you have.

Far too often we put our happiness on hold. If we can afford this new pair of shoes, we will be happy. If we get promoted, we will finally be happy. But we always find new things, outside of ourselves to aim for in order to become happy. We forget to recognize that happiness is … Happiness depends weiterlesen

How your concept of time influences your success as an athlete.

Everybody has a certain way to think about time. We prioritize experiences and events in the past, present or future. Our “concept of time” influences the way on how we act and even how successful we are in certain parts of our lives, for instance developing further as a professional athlete.