Why Diets are not the Solution for your Problem.

Why diets are not the solution to your problem.

Are you surprised that you constantly struggle with your dieting? You want to lose weight, you restrict your calorie intake but sooner or later you quit? Did you ever have the idea that it might not be your fault? Diets try to solve symptoms of a problem which can’t be solved with diet.

Myth: Diets help you lose weight.

Myth: Diets make you lose weight.

It seems to be simple: Eat less and lose weight. But if this strategy would work, everyone could lose weight and keep it off with a diet. With any diet on the planet.

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But there is a fact which is not communicated openly: More than 95% of all diets fail! That means 95 out of 100 people who try to lose weight with a diet, can’t reach their goal and gain the weight (and even more) back quickly.

Just imagine, buying a medicine, but in 95 out of 100 cases it doesn’t work. Would you believe it’s your fault? Wouldn’t you rather think that the medicine is not working? For sure! But why are we so hesitant to admit that diets don’t work? Because we are brain-washed. We are told for decades that we miss the necessary will-power and losing weight is just simple when we starve ourselves.

We are told that we miss the necessary will power to succeed with a diet.

Diets treat surface Symptoms

We often gain weight because we eat too much compared to our daily activity. That’s true, but this is just the surface of the story. Basically, we do not only eat when we are hungry, but we eat for every reason. Let me just name a few temptations: it smells good, we saw something and want it, food is offered to us, we are bored, we are stressed, we are tired, we are lonely, we want to finish the plate, we want to comfort ourselves, we don’t want to reject food and we are used to eating in certain situations for instance while watching TV. Are these familiar to you?

How does dieting consider all these occasions, needs, and habits to eat? They are simply ignored. Just by reducing the calories, we won’t solve our emotional problems or change any of our habits. We are still bored, lonely, sad or stressed, and – on a diet – ravenous in addition, which makes everything even worse.

Diets don't consider any of our reasons to eat.

Learn why what and how you eat.

Finding a way towards mindful and intuitive eating instead of dieting helps to address the reasons for eating without being hungry and for overeating. It’s the only way to pay more attention to what, how and why you eat, to connect to your inner wisdom instead of following outside rules. When you find ways to relax in stressful times, you don’t have to eat in order to reduce your tension. If you learn to experience pleasure with other activities instead of eating, you will learn to be more sensitive to your body’s needs and signals.

If you learn to relax when you are stressed, you don't have to eat to reduce tension.

Give it a try! You can book online coaching with me to help you with learning about your individual patterns of eating and overeating. We will uncover your hidden beliefs about food and dieting, habits and triggers. You will learn to address the real reasons and emotions instead of trying to stuff them away with food! Which means to learn to recognize your hunger and to differentiate it from other triggers to eat. You will gain back control and learn to trust your body’s signals again!

You can book a FREE 20-min session with me, online or in person without any risk or costs! Just drop me a message: schauenberg@kensho.de.

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