VIDEO: Peformance Testing gets you better results.

Improve your running performance.

In this video I walk you through a typical performance test with the aeroscan. The results of this test allow us to make recommendations to your training plan to enable you to train harder for longer as well as burning fat more efficiently. If you would like to know more, talk to me for a … VIDEO: Peformance Testing gets you better results. weiterlesen

Why Metabolic Testing is the missing piece in your health and fitness journey.

Smart people try to avoid training overload and they will - sooner or later - stumble upon calculations and rules of thumb regarding the maximum heart rate and calculation of their “individual” training zones. Let’s just stay real: it’s better to...

Wie man beim Laufen Fett verbrennt.

Der Wunsch, Fett zu verbrennen, ist oftmals die Motivation, um mit Ausdauertraining zu beginnen. Viel Zeit und Energie in dein Training zu investieren, macht aber gar keinen Spaß, wenn die Erfolge am Ende ausbleiben. Die Geheimnisse der Fettverbrennung kennenzulernen, wird deinen Trainingserfolg verbessern, weil du einfach nicht mehr davon abhängig bist, irgendwelchen Mythen zum Thema „Fettverbrennung“ Glauben zu schenken.

Sport Science in Action

The application of Sport Science is benficial for every kind of sport. It helps to support the perception of the coach and the development of an athlete with precise data. That's a modern way to plan future training and to balance weaknesses in order to create a performance that is well balanced. Today we had … Sport Science in Action weiterlesen