What I love most.

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Photo Credit: Candelaphotography – Yassar Hamid

Combining my passion for Human Behaviour and Psychology with my experience in Sport, Nutrition, Running and Personal Development allows me to do what I love most: To help people to reach their personal goals and become happier, more fulfilled in their lives.

I love connecting to people, to hear their stories and dreams and to figure out which strategies and tools will help them most to improve. Whether this is getting healthier and back in shape, to overcome certain habits or to start their journey when they feel stuck or looking for a new direction in their life.

Each person is different and responds to different ideas and inspirations, which is an exciting part of coaching. Breaking down complex topics to create simple tools while helping people to experience that small steps in the right direction have a big impact on their development is always a challenge I truly appreciate.

I wish that I’m able to help some people to get up after they failed a couple of times, to remain focused on their goal, to believe that they are able to get there and to be worth the effort. Seeing somebody succeeding after struggling, beaming with joy, to experience that they suddenly feel capable of doing so much more in their life is the most fulfilling part of coaching for me.

Here you can read more about my qualifications:

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