FREE TALK: 5 Pillars of Health

FREE TALK: 5 Pillars of Health
Health is much more than the absence of pain; our wellbeing and quality of life are closely connected to having good health.
Learn how you can effectively improve your health and wellbeing by balancing 5 main areas of your life. Knowing about these 5 basic pillars of health provides the chance for us to take much better care of ourselves and our loved ones.
Join our free Talk at our Clinic at Guthrie House with Dr. Sairupa Krishnamurti (ND) from Canada and me on September 12th from 11am to 12pm.
Feel free to bring your friends, as we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!
Please call to reserve your spot, because the number of seats is limited. Call (+65) 6314 44 40
City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy
Guthrie House @ Bukit Timah
1 Fifth Avenue #03-02,
Singapore 268802
Phone: (+65)631 44 440

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