How Weight Loss Coaching helps you to lose these stubborn pounds effortlessly.

Finding solutions and helping people to reach their personal goals is the most rewarding part of Weight Loss Coaching for me. To see how clients can achieve the desired development with just a little help and simple strategies feels wonderful.

That’s exactly what happened while coaching with Louisa. She approached me because she didn’t know how to lose weight. She said “I already do many things right, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and still don’t lose weight”. Her own explanation of the situation shows why she was so desperate. She literally didn’t know what else she should do to lose weight, if eating healthy didn’t seem to work.

Weight Loss Coaching helps to uncover eating habits.
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During our coaching session she started talking about her daily life and her job as a teacher, which stresses her a lot. She is already hyped up first thing in the morning before breakfast when she checks her phone. All the messages from colleagues and students often require extra work, decisions or effort. During the day she misses meals frequently and is completely ravenous when she comes home after school. The meal at home usually ends up being much bigger than intended and she urgently needs a nap afterwards which sometimes takes about two hours and makes her feel dead beat for the rest of the day.

Her story alone already provided some insights for the further coaching process. Often weight loss coaching is not about telling somebody to eat more vegetables but to understand their mechanisms which lead to overeating, irregular meals and grazing.

Working on these causes often leads to surprising results, the same happened with Louisa.

Together we worked out 8 strategies which Louisa should start to integrate into her daily life.

  1. Take time for your breakfast: Allow at least 10 to 15 minutes without any distraction from news, phone, newspaper or radio. Just focus on your breakfast and start the day as relaxed as possible.
  2. Check your phone after breakfast: Break the habit to check your phone directly after getting up, this is increasing your stress level before your day even started. This might be difficult at the beginning, but it will pay off! Guaranteed! After a relaxed breakfast you are ready to conquer the day and all the upcoming challenges and to check news and messages.
  3. Bring some healthy snacks: Take a short break during work and use it to eat a healthy snack like fruits with plain yoghurt or vegetables with low fat cream cheese.
  4. Breathe: If you realize, how tensed and stressed you are, try to relax consciously and breathe. If you often fail to even realize that you are stressed, set a reminder for the beginning of your break. This helps to strengthen the awareness that you feel tense and helps to make mindful breathing a positive habit.
  5. Walk home and breathe: If you walk home, maybe walk an additional 10 to 15 mins around your block taking the time to calm down, to reduce stress hormones and to breathe.
  6. Drink water before meal: Drinking a big glass of water before each meal helps to fill your stomach, so you will eat less during the meal.
  7. Prepare lunch the day before: If your lunch is ready and just needs to be heated up, you prevent eating everything you can find while you still have to prepare your food. In addition, it takes away the effort of having to prepare a meal when you are tired, stressed and exhausted.
  8. Include activity in your daily life: Going for a brisk walk (or jog, or bike ride) is the best way to reduce stress hormones. Stress hormones harm your health, promote weight gain and reduce your overall wellbeing.

The strategies mentioned are simple and focus on starting the day without feeling stressed right from the beginning. Enjoying the first meal of the day mindfully, avoiding starvation, raising awareness of tension and breathing consciously are tools which are important to reduce stress induced eating.

Being less stressed can be a great side effect of Weight Loss Coaching.
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After four weeks Louisa sent me her feedback, which was very positive. It seemed to be easy for her to integrate the strategies into her daily life. After a couple of days, she started to realize, how she enjoyed a more relaxed start of the day and how much this contributed to her wellbeing. Mindful breakfast and avoiding starvation during the day were already nipping overeating at home in the bud. In four weeks Louisa already lost 3 kg, even though this was not the main goal of the selected strategies.

Coaching has the advantage to show opportunities to clients when they are not able to see the connections themselves. Working out strategies according to their daily routines starts a development towards positive habits. While dieting is failing due to temporary and strict limitations, Weight Loss Coaching can be the key to lose weight by creating a healthier lifestyle.

You can book a free 20 minutes “meet the doctor” session with me at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy at Guthrie House! Looking forward to uncovering your personal strategies which can help you to finally lose weight!

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