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I am delighted to welcome you to my website.

My goal is to help athletes and people alike learn about their strengths and use them to achieve their full potential. I am able to do this by combining my knowledge and experience of Psychology & Sports Training. This can be applied to an athlete who wants to improve their focus & performance or simply anyone who wants to improve their fitness, nutrition or just lose weight.

I have a strong academic background in Psychology having achieved a PhD in Psychology & Education. This has proved an excellent foundation for my subsequent interests in Sports & Nutrition Psychology, Mental Training and Running. For the last 10 years I have managed a Gym in Germany where I have been directly involved in the training and welfare of my clients there. This has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the application of Sports Psychology to a variety of individual client’s needs. Everyone is different and both professional and amateur need a specifically tailored program in order to achieve their goals.

Although Sports Training has been a regular part of my life for the last 20 years, it wasn’t always a favorite subject for me. Naturally sport was a part of the school curriculum but it tended to focus on specific sports such as Track & Field. There was never any serious examination of training methods or techniques for any sport so improvement was difficult. As a result of this it was impossible to try to develop any program of improvement or complimentary activities to achieve this improvement. So I am well aware of the difficulties involved in attempting to improve your performance, technique or focus.

Discovering Fitness Training was something of a personal revelation. Understanding how to set my own goals and deciding for myself what forms of training to combine. I was able to develop a well-balanced personal fitness routine, combining Yoga & Running, which I continue to practice and thoroughly enjoy.

As a Certified Running coach I have developed very good analytical skills. I am readily able to see the difficulties with someone’s running and suggest simple, practical and effective corrective measures for them to follow. This can be as simple as adding a few exercises to a workout which help to prepare the muscles for extended periods of injury free running.

More recently I have been expanding my expertise in Psychology & Nutrition. Finding new and practical ways to help people break through their personal barriers is something I find both challenging and extremely rewarding. Tailoring these strategies to the individual and helping them make the smaller changes they need, Step-By-Step, to reach their larger goals.

Performance Testing is also a very important part of Sports Training in order to establish a starting point and measure subsequent progress. The measurement of breathing during an activity such as running or cycling known as Ergospirometry is commonly used. The results of such testing are key factors in the planning of further training for professional athletes and social athletes as well.

Testing the Motor Skills Development of Children is something I enjoy enormously as well. Such an assessment supports a balanced physical development with a broad base of motor skills.

Photo Credit: Bernd Lauter (www.berndlauter.com)

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