NUS Students train not only their brains

Brain Training & Performance Testing - Talk at National University of Singapore

Yesterday we – Dirk Schauenberg and Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg – were invited to conduct a workshop at the National University of Singapore (NUS) at King Edward VII Hall. We are always happy to share our knowledge about different aspects of sports performance. This time the leaders of various NUS-Sports groups participated in our session.

Brain & Perception Training

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Training and performance these days is much more than muscle and endurance training. The more science discovers how much we can boost our performance by strategically enhancing brain performance, the more options we have, to get better.

The first part of our 3-hour workshop included some basics about what brain and perception training is, how our brain works, how we can benefit from it and why we sometimes struggle with easy tasks in daily, even if our brain is a miracle “machine”. A hands-on part gave all students the opportunity to experience how perception, coordination and brain performance can be improved. An important part of this workshop was to deliver the message that “warming up” our brain is a part of training and has a crucial effect on lowering the injury risk.

Measuring Sports Performance with VX Sport

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The second part of the workshop included VX-Sport GPS System to measure and assess individual and team-sport performance. The students experienced a live session with some drills on a pitch including the functioning of the GPS units, the feeling of wearing the vest with the heart rate and GPS Sensors as well as seeing the collection of data live in real time. The assessment of collected data afterward shows the immense possibilities but as well the responsibility of data assessment. Data itself are meaningless.

Interpretations makes data come alive

They become alive by interpretation and connecting data to team strategies, athlete’s position in training or match and individual as well as team improvement. Just collecting data for the sake of creating nice charts is not helping to improve team performance. The will to apply and to use the results for further training-planning makes the VX-Sports system an essential for team sports.

NUS-SingaporeWe were very excited about the great audience and to share different points of view on enhancing and measuring performance! We are looking forward to collaborating with NUS shortly on more exciting projects to come!


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