Performance Testing

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Performance Testing:

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Performance Testing is the best option to reach your desired goal in sports as a professional athlete, weekend warrior or even if you want to become or stay healthy. Performance testing takes the guesswork out of your planning which is crucial, because every person is different. Performance testing is key to ensure that all the effort and time put into your training will result in your personal goals. Test results show your performance at a given time. These results are the base for planning your way to success with individualized strategies. These might include working on corrective exercises with your gym/trainer to balance your body as well as managing your training content and intensity to fit your goals.


Ergospirometry (aeroscan):

DSC_0312_kleinerAeroscan is the best method to assess your energy metabolism by analyzing the expired air composition (spiroergometry) while you are walking/running on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike. The intensity of the test will be adjusted according to your fitness level, goal and present health issues (e.g. high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes). The test report will help to reach your goal whether you want to improve your performance, lose weight or increase your health in the safest way possible. The times where you need to guess the right intensity for your workout are over, the results of the aeroscan test make it possible to receive training recommendations or even a training schedule, individually tailored for you! Request Appointment…


Functional Screening (Mobee fit):

mobeefit_2Mobee fit is an advanced German designed and manufactured Digital Goniometer. By measuring the range of motion of different joints according to your goal (high performance, recovering from back pain etc.) and kind of sport (running, golf, football etc.) we can see first signs of impaired mobility, muscular disbalances or differences in mobility of both sides of your body. After injuries or surgeries, the Functional Screening is a great way to track your recovery and improvement back to a healthy range of motion. The test always includes a report which is easy to understand and suggests activities and exercises to improve your mobility. Request Appointment…

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