Motor Skill Testing for Football Kids

Childhood is the most important time to develop a wide range of motor skills. They are the base for all kinds of sport to learn later in life and they support the brain development as well.

Today we tested the Motor Skills of about 20 Kids – aged around 8 years – at St. Michaels’s Soccer Association in Singapore with great support from ITE-College West students. The test program includes 8 different tests for skills like flexibility, endurance, coordination under time pressure, balance and strength.

While parents often hope for an outstanding test result, there is no need to worry if this is not the case. More than measuring performance those tests show the state of development at the given time. It’s not about being good or bad, the assessment rather gives the opportunity to create a profile of strengths. Each child is unique, some are great sprinters, some have incredible endurance or springiness. The results of the test offer valuable insights for coaches and parents to include some easy exercises in training or daily life for a balanced motor skill development.

Often the ability to balance needs some help, because sitting in school and at home doesn’t leave a lot of opportunities to develop a great sense of balance. Just trying to stand on one leg while catching or kicking a ball or brushing teeth is already a fun exercise which will improve balance.

We a looking forward to the next batch of kids to be tested at St. Michael’s Soccer Association.

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