Happy New Year 2019

Wish you all a joyful and grateful finish of 2018 and a healthy, happy and wonderful start in 2019 with lots of love. Happy New Year 2019!

There are Reasons for Gratitude

Hope you all can take some time off all the loud celebrations and be deeply grateful for all the good things which happened in the old year. Most of us live in peace, under a roof, have food every day, access to clean water, and peace in our countries. That’s more than millions of people worldwide can wish for in their entire lives.


Aiming for more

Sometime we lose perspective when we focus on what we would like to have like a new car, those pair of stylish shoes or this insanely expensive trip overseas. Fulfilling all those wishes does not make us happy, if we are not nurturing the seed of happiness deep inside us. No external thing will ever fulfill our needs and make us happy. That’s important to experience. It always seems to be easy to buy more things. It distracts us from our feelings or disappointments. But it will never make us feel deeply happy.


Taking Care of Ourselves

Maybe a good resolution for 2019 can be to take more care of ourselves, to nourish our human needs for growth, rest, true relationships, accomplishments, and joy and to celebrate each moment, because it’s the only one we have!

I wish you all a happy start into a new year with lots of insights, learnings and fulfillment!

Lots of love!

Yours Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg

If you want to read more about Happiness, you find it here:

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