New at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Now I’m the new “HPPO” at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapie (COP) at Guthrie House (Bukit Timah) in Singapore. HPPO stands for Health Promotion and Performance Officer. Sounds very official 😀 But basically it was quite difficult to find a name for the services I will offer at the clinic. Very happy to be part of this lovely team now!

Here you can read my introduction directly at the Facebook page of the clinic:

Hi, I’m Dr. Magdalena and i’m a new addition to the City team at Guthrie House!
Combining my background in Psychology, Social Science, Sports Science and Nutrition allows me to offer services which will help you to cope better with your challenges in daily life. I’m looking forward to helping you finally reach your goals with Weight Loss and Anti-Stress Coaching, Mental Training for high performers and athletes, Performance Testing and offering health services to create Corporate Wellness Programmes and Events.

Read more about what I do at:…/dr-magdalena-schauenberg/

Here you find my services as well:

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