Happy Moments.

Don't let you happiness depend on something you may lose.

We often underestimate happiness. We reward ourselves with materialistic pleasures and wonder, why the feeling of happiness doesn’t stick. The newest pair of shoes or the fanciest gadget have a short half-life before we need to buy something new to feel happy again.

Happy moments

Enjoying every moment in daily life instead is a choice. We can find wonderful moments like a smile, a hot coffee, or a sunset each day. We just have to programme our minds to recognize them instead of focusing on little daily annoyances.

Enjoy the happy small moments.

Long lasting happiness

But long-lasting happiness we can’t buy or experience passively. It requires our action and commitment. Finding a purpose, working for accomplishments and experiencing absorbing engagement creates meaning. The resulting feeling of happiness is long-lasting and rewards us with real fulfilment [1, 2].

Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.

C.S. Lewis

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[1] The scientific model defines happiness as P-E-R-M-A which includes Pleasures, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accoplishments. Martin Seligman did a lot of great research about happiness in the field of Positive Psychology.

[2] Here you can watch a video clip with Martin Seligman about happiness: The new era of positive psychology.


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