Training is an important part of my life for more than 24 years. It’s always been beneficial for me to reduce stress, create new ideas, improve mood and to stay fit. To be able to eat more without gaining weight too easily is a great side effect. 😉

Often I see how much people struggle to find a kind of sport and training which they can stick with. Forcing yourself to do “something” will never lead to the great outcomes of sport and training. I see reasons for quitting too fast in:

  • Missing patience: You can’t expect to undo results of an inactive lifestyle in a couple of weeks,
  • Unrealistic goals: The expectation to train 5 days a week from now on is going to fail, quite fast.
  • Missing or wrong instruction: sometimes I see coaches training and presenting themselves rather than picking up their clients where they are.

Why do we struggle so hard with starting slowly and trying to be persistant rather than perfect?

If I can support one person to find a moderate way to include sport in daily life while enjoying it, I’m happy. You can be sure to experience some of the manifold great effects of sport in your daily life!

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