Trying to escape the vicious cycle of dieting, feeling guilty and gaining weight again, can’t happen with another diet.

Diets are not a solution to get in shape or to eat better, they ARE the problem. Dieting leaves you behind with external rules, when and what to eat and the feeling to have not enough willpower if you can’t stick to the rules.

Mindful Eating is a way to savor your food!

Mindful eating helps you to reconnect to your body’s signals which helps you to make peace with food and – most importantly – peace with yourself.

I hope the different topics regarding mindful eating can help, to observe how you eat, why you eat and what kind of dieting-thoughts lead to certain decisions.

If you need some help to implement mindful-eating strategies into your daily life, you can book weight loss coaching with me. It’s not another dieting and starvation strategy, promised.

Here you find links to some of my articles about mindfulness and mindful eating: