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Mein Ziel ist es, professionellen Athleten, Freizeitsportlern und Personen, die an Fitness, Mentaltraining und Ernährung interessiert sind zu helfen, damit sie ihr eigenes Potential besser ausschöpfen und ihre Ziele erreichen können.

How to become a faster runner?

How to become a faster runner?

If you are a runner, chances are that you want to run faster, easier and more effortless. Even after years of running we sometimes don't experience the desired improvements. The following article will help you gain some insights on how to train to achieve your goal!

Simple Mobility Flow to make you a better runner.

Even enthusiastic runners often don’t reach their full potential because they underestimate the benefits of additional training: increased performance, reduction of pain, prevention of injury and faster recovery. But I can promise, the small investment of time will be worth it!

What is more important for Weight Loss: Training or Nutrition?

If you make the effort to lose weight, it’s smart to choose the most effective way. Nobody wants to invest incredible amounts of effort for just a mediocre effect.

VIDEO: Peformance Testing gets you better results.

Improve your running performance.

In this video I walk you through a typical performance test with the aeroscan. The results of this test allow us to make recommendations to your training plan to enable you to train harder for longer as well as burning fat more efficiently. If you would like to know more, talk to me for a … VIDEO: Peformance Testing gets you better results. weiterlesen

Why Metabolic Testing is the missing piece in your health and fitness journey.

Smart people try to avoid training overload and they will - sooner or later - stumble upon calculations and rules of thumb regarding the maximum heart rate and calculation of their “individual” training zones. Let’s just stay real: it’s better to...

Endlich schneller laufen – so geht’s. (Teil 2)

Schneller Laufen zu lernen ist keine Zauberei. In der Laufberatung mit Maria ging ich die wichtigsten Aspekte durch, die man/frau wissen sollte, um auch wirklich schneller zu werden.

Endlich schneller Laufen – so geht’s! (Teil 1)

Marie hatte vor einem halben Jahr begonnen zu Laufen, als sie mit mir einen Termin für eine Laufberatung vereinbarte. Ich bewundere, wie sie es geschafft hatte, Laufen in ihr Leben zu integrieren, obwohl sie vorher wenig aktiv gewesen ist. Marie berichtete von ersten Erfolgen, das Laufen ist inzwischen leichter, sie fühlt sich nach dem Training energiegeladen und auch im Alltag fröhlicher. Auch die Hosen sitzen deutlich lockerer und Treppensteigen ist keine Herausforderung mehr. Dennoch war sie ein bisschen niedergeschlagen, weil sie das Gefühl hatte, nicht schneller zu werden, obwohl sie hoffte, das wurde mit der Zeit „von allein“ passieren.

How to burn fat while running?

Burning body fat while exercising might be a huge motivation for you to start with any kind of endurance training. But if you go about it in the wrong way you will not get the desired result and investing any of your time and effort into your running will be demotivating.

Uncovering the secret of fat burning will add to your training success and you will not have to believe in all those strange body fat burning myths anymore.

Why you should never buy pink running shoes.

For most people, buying running shoes is somehow similar to shop for fashion. They search for their favourite brand, choose a design and colour they like best and pick the right size. That’s it. But what if I tell you that you should never go for looks only when you buy "pink running shoes" because you could seriously harm your health?

How to become a Runner?

About 15 years ago I used to hate running. I was always so tired afterwards, my legs were hurting. It was never easygoing and it didn`t give me any enjoyment. I assumed: Running is not my kind of sport. But suddenly it happened: