Mindfulness is a great tool for becoming more aware of what your body and mind need. Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg

Mindfulness is a great TOOL

for becoming more aware

of what your body and mind


Dr. Magdalena Schauenberg

Many of us have difficulties to feel what we need. We live by external rules. They tell us how we should feel and behave and when we should eat. We ignore hunger signals, suppress unpleasant emotions and present our smiley-face despite not feeling well. Finally, we are afraid to communicate how we feel or to eat when we are hungry, because we unlearned to trust the signals of our body.

As a consequence, we often search for mechanisms to cover our real needs, instead of dealing with them directly. We might eat when we are bored, have a drink when we feel lonely or binge-watch our favorite TV show when we feel angry.

Mindfulness can help us to resuscitate our mind-body connection.

Taking some time to observe how we feel can be the start of more wellbeing, happiness, and health.

Pause, take a breath and try to figure out how you feel, right now!

Do you want to learn more about mindfulness? Here we go!

If you would need some help learning to be more mindful, you can book a FREE 20 min consultation with me:

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