What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Maybe you’ve heard of “mindfulness” already, but we often think we are too busy to spend time with those "spiritual" things. But the opposite is true!

VIDEOS: Was Ihr über Online-Abnehmcoaching wissen solltet!

Während 99% aller Diäten scheitern, weil sie nicht an der Ursache des Übergewichts oder Essverhaltens arbeiten, arbeiten wir mit Coaching an den zugrunde liegenden Motivationen, Denkstrukturen und Verhaltensweisen. Hier gibt es zwei Videos mit Dir mit grundlegenden Infos (Video 1) und Euren Fragen, die ich beantwortet habe.

Simple Mobility Flow to make you a better runner.

Even enthusiastic runners often don’t reach their full potential because they underestimate the benefits of additional training: increased performance, reduction of pain, prevention of injury and faster recovery. But I can promise, the small investment of time will be worth it!

Why are we getting addicted to a screen? (Part 1)

Why are we getting addicted to a screen?

Most of us own a smartphone. We can’t imagine our lives without these modern devices anymore. But besides the enormous possibilities we have with the new technology, there are some dangers connected as well.

How to end a Fast-Food Lifestyle easily.

How to end a Fast-Food Lifestyle easily?

We naturally love sweet and fatty foods because thousands of years ago both delivered the message to be nutritious and safe and they were rare as well. Times changed, our brains - unfortunately - didn’t.

Abnehmcoaching (ohne Diät)

Du kennst sie sicher alle, von der Ananas- bis zur Schokoladendiät, gibt es jede Saison wieder das ultimative Programm, um endlich abzunehmen. Aber 99% aller Diäten sind sowieso zum Scheitern verurteilt.

Why are we so attracted to Fast-Food?

Fast food restaurants are designed to attract. Many of us don’t think about how these sophisticated strategies seem to make us abulic. To withstand the force and to create a healthier lifestyle requires some clever strategies.

FREE TALK: 5 Simple Habits For Effortless Weight Loss.

Dr. Sairupa (N.D.) and I are looking forward to meeting you at our Talk about 5 SIMPLE HABITS FOR EFFORTLESS WEIGHT LOSS.