Should I go vegetarian?

The discussion about the “right“ way to eat is very emotional because it’s deeply connected to people’s values. That’s perfectly fine but it makes the topic of personal diet sometimes a bit difficult to approach. If you are not a vegetarian, chances are, you don’t even want to talk about nutrition with people who are. … Should I go vegetarian? weiterlesen

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3 Reasons why you might gain Weight

3 Reasons why you might gain weight!

Patience is not always our greatest strength; we want to see results immediately. But what if the desired results are missing or even worse, you gain weight instead of slimming down?

Should I lose Weight or Fat?

Should I lose Weight or Fat?

SHOULD I LOSE WEIGHT OR FAT? How often do we hear people saying “I need to lose weight!”? There are even generic tables showing the right weight for your height that is commonly used by doctors as well. We all believe that we will be healthier, happier, feeling well and to be better looking once we reach the right weight.

Kensho Reise 2018: Eine Expedition in Sri Lanka & eine Erlebnisreise für Dich.

Die Kensho-Reise 2018 soll eine sehr persönliche Reise werden, eine Reise zu Euch selbst, mit Gelegenheiten zur Ruhe zu kommen, Stress zu reduzieren, in Euch selbst hineinzuhören, Wohlbefinden und Glück zu tanken. Erlebnisse und Spaß in der Gruppe sowie das Kennenlernen von Land & Kultur werden jedoch nicht zu kurz kommen.

What is more important for Weight Loss: Training or Nutrition?

If you make the effort to lose weight, it’s smart to choose the most effective way. Nobody wants to invest incredible amounts of effort for just a mediocre effect.