How Mobility can improve your fitness & performance.

Mobility is an essential part of your fitness.

Did you know that about 30% of your fitness comes from mobility? As much as we are focusing on our strength, endurance or sport-specific techniques to improve our fitness, mobility always seems to be the poor neglected cousin.

If we start to think about it, we realize that all our daily movements like climbing stairs or picking something up from the floor depending on mobility. If we can’t move our joints properly, it affects our wellbeing and life quality quite a bit. Often, we only realize the value of a well-functioning pain-free body once mobility is limited due to a strain or pain.

Our seated lifestyle, computer work, and smartphone use require less activity. Muscles which are not used, tense up, the blood flow is restricted which leads to tightness, limited range of motion, compensation movements and sometimes even chronic pain.

Mobility is essential in every kind of sport to be able to show your best performance.
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But even in sports, whether it’s running, football or boxing we depend on our normal range of motion to execute required techniques. If we are limited in our movements, it restricts the performance or can lead to injury.

Evaluating your mobility is the first step to improvement.


Testing your Mobility

Mobee-fit is a highly precise digital goniometer to assess your mobility.
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Mobee-fit is a digital Goniometer which measures the range of motion very precisely in different joints, comparing right and left side. That’s how we can assess tightness, limitations, and imbalances. Depending on your needs we set up an individual test-profile for instance to assess shoulder, neck and back problems or to meet the requirements of your sport. The test report explains the results by using a simple traffic light system. Corrective exercises help to target your limited areas and to build a balanced mobility to increase your performance and health.

If you are interested in the Mobee-fit test or want to know more about how this can test can help you to increase your health, performance, and wellbeing, just make an appointment with me at City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy.

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