How Mindfulness Can Help You to Lose Weight.

Mindfulness helps you to lose weight without dieting and starvation!

Our search for solutions to lose weight is mostly focused on small details: We are tracking single nutrients but forget the greater picture: Nutrition is and always was part of our society, culture and psychology. Mindfulness can be a great tool to lose weight successfully, while taking care of the frame conditions of our busy lives as well as considering the deeper meaning of eating in our society.

How Mobility can improve your fitness & performance.

Mobility is an essential part of your fitness.

Did you know that about 30% of your fitness comes from mobility? As much as we are focusing on our strength, endurance or sport specific techniques to improve our fitness, mobility always seems to be the poor neglected cousin.

EIWEISS. Forschungsergebnisse, die dich überraschen werden.

Eiweiß ist lebensnotwendig, welche Eiweißquellen jedoch wirklich gesund sind und auf welche wir häufiger verzichten sollten, wir Euch überraschen!

Warum „Eiweißverdünnung“ zu Übergewicht führt und wie wir trotzdem abnehmen können.

Warum Eiweißverdünnung zu Übergewicht führen kann und wie wir trotzdem abnehmen können.

Neuere wissenschaftliche Studien zeigen, dass Vieles, was wir über Protein wissen, offenbar inzwischen überholt ist. Dieser Artikel wird dich mit den wichtigsten Fakten über Eiweiß für Gesundheit und erfolgreiches Abnehmen versorgen.

Weight Loss Coaching

If you are struggling with your weight you might consider coaching. Weight loss coaching will help you to identify reasons of your weight gain – which are often not even obvious – and will help you to create simple solutions which will work for you without starvation and a rigid nutrition regime.

Less sugar is the recipe for success (Tiny habits – Part 3)

We all love sugar; we are born with a strong preference for sweets. But sweet drinks and food spoil our weight loss journey due to different reasons.

VIDEO: Peformance Testing gets you better results.

Improve your running performance.

In this video I walk you through a typical performance test with the aeroscan. The results of this test allow us to make recommendations to your training plan to enable you to train harder for longer as well as burning fat more efficiently. If you would like to know more, talk to me for a … VIDEO: Peformance Testing gets you better results. weiterlesen